Integrated Services have the in house expertise to write be-spoke active database website solutions using PHP and Mysql.

To date, we have written several solutions including:

Click here to visit the tasktrak website!

Tasktrak - a small business package designed to assist with the management of projects, generation of quotations and invoicing simply and quickly.

Some of the key automated systems within Tasktrak include:

  • All invoices generated are tracked to ensure you are paid by your customers on time.
  • Automated generation of a Diary with projects listed on a day to day basis
  • Projects not yet invoiced are listed for attention to reduce invoicing delays
  • Projects not yet quoted are highlighted to ensure they don't become overlooked
  • Invoices, quotes and receipts can be printed in PDF format or emailed directly
  • Any customers not paying within your term period are listed for cheque chasing
  • Materials lists are automatically generated and can be ordered or prices requested from your wholesalers with a click of a button
  • All quotations, invoices and payments received are automatically listed with dates sent/received
  • VAT calculations are generated automatically
  • Print off your invoice summaries for your accountant in EXCEL format at the click of a button
  • Tasktrak generates PDF documents listing all of your customers and live projects for storing on your PDA/Smart phone.
  • Calculates your CIS deductions payments from your invoices
  • Regular automated backups of your data for storage on a backup drive, ensuring you don't loose your data
  • Access the system over multiple PCs on your network
  • Access your copy of the system on the internet from anywhere

click here to visit the tasktrak website!

Caresense - a package designed to ease the care of patients within care homes.

Some of the key automated systems within caresense include:

  • Simple input and update of all patient files within the home including their drug requirements
  • Logging of Special dietary requirements or care requirements
  • Automated generation of daily, weekly or monthly care reports
  • Automated tracking and display of patients upcoming care requirements via a live screen
  • Updating of the system can be undertaken with the patients live saving administration time
  • Provides a Summary of all patients in the home and indicates when they are next due for care

PPM Planned and Preventative Maintenance Portal - a package designed to track works issued by a client to its contractors. This system was developed for a client which undertakes thousands of projects per year with a number of contractors. Contractors of the client had found the system a valuable asset in keeping track with projects with the client.

Some of the key automated systems within the PPM Portal include:

  • Contractors independent login and updating of their own projects issued by the client
  • Client login to obtain overview and statistics of all projects live
  • Indication of project status including the dates input on the system up to the date invoiced
  • Tracking of all project invoice values (including up to four part payments for quarterly works)
  • Search of projects by address or works order numbers
  • Statistical searching of open projects, pending payments, completed projects etc
  • Bulk import and export facilities for ease of inputting mass data by contractors
  • Summary of all key areas of the clients projects (i.e. electrical, mechanical, CCTV etc)
  • Summary of all areas of each contractors works
  • Works overdue pending start dates, target dates, service priority, etc
  • Projects that require remedial works listing and grading the issues highlighted to the client for action
  • Statistical overview by financial year or between dates searched by the client or contractor
  • Automated works history generation of all changes to projects (each logged independently of each other)
  • Creation of Engineers reports for the input of notes from site visits, snagging of sites, photos and reports
  • Generation of works summary reports between specified times, works and contractors in Excel format